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SUPERSTRUCTURE  It is manufactured in volumes of 28.000-55.000 lt. according to request.
Length 10.000 mm-12.000 mm
 Width 2550 mm
 2-3-4-5-6 departments
Our tankers are ellipse, round, double “D”, bottle type shaped
   4 mm St 37 plate is used on tanker body
LOADING AND UNLOADING SYSTEM  Proofed and sealed manhole cap for every cell divider
3” in diameter pipes that connects every cell divider to valve box
Independent natural unloading system with 3” in diameter spherical valves
RACK Strengthened “I” section centre members are welded automatically by submerged welding machine. They are welded between 120/12 mm bottom or top flat steel and 5 mm hub plate
 These racks are supported by binding with axle beams against being twisted with each other
AXLE SHAFT 3 axle shafts with the capacity of 12 tons, are used
There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms
SUSPENSION Parabolic double deck Z springs and dashpots
ELEVATING FRONT AXLE SHAFT Remote operated elevating system for front axle shaft in cabin
TIRES AND RIMS 385/65 R22,5 tires 6+1
11,75 x 22,5 rims 6+1
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT It is suitable forSAE standards and Tüv regulations
Electricity is provided by 7 pin plug from vehicle
There are necessary traffic advisory and stoplights on both sides
There are back lights, brake lights, license plate lamps, trailer reflectors and orange colored warning lights on the sides
BRAKE EQUIPMENT 71/320/ewg ff brake system according to EC standards.
 Automatic slacks, 4 spring brake chambers and 2 service brake chambers.
RSS that provides safe driving systemagainst2S / 2M EBS and rollover(Balance Control System).
 Air leaks in trailer are blocked by Sweden patented Ruffels union system
KING-PIN Steel king-pin which is 2” according to DIN 74080 standards and 3½” 42 CRMO4 according to DIN 74083 standards are used
LEGS Two speed, telescopic, mechanical conveyor legs, with the capacity of 24 tons
PAINT Rack and superstructure  are painted in paint drying oven by Washing + Sanding + 2+1 coat Acrylic Paint
COLOR It will be specified according to customer request
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Multi-piece plastic fenders that covers trailing  axle tires
1 plate unloading valve box
1 plate tool box
1 non-slip floor walking platform
1  ladder (climbed from behind)
2 PVC pipes to carry unloading hoses
Control Panel(Mob, air clock, access ramp lever)
Plastic water tank
Roller or basket stare tire conveyor
Aluminum bike impact absorber
Mounting and mounting space
OPTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS European axle shaft group and all kind of equipments
Aluminum rims
Tanker body Aluminum-chrome stainless plate
 Bottom load - bottom unload system
 Double spare tire conveyor with basket
Axle shaft elevator addition
Fire extinguisher closet and fire extinguisher tube
Tire mark according to request
RAL color codes according to request